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General questions
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What is Moneybase?

We are a DISTRIBUTOR of Financial Products! And Yes, we get brokerage for each financial transaction.

But the good point here is, we would like to be transparent about it. From a mere 0.02% p.a. for an overnight fund to a 1% p.a. for equity funds, our revenue is pegged to your investment growth. We are paid this brokerage not upfront but monthly by the product manufacturers.

So, unlike others who brag about being flat-fee based, discount brokerage and bla bla bla, we really add value to our client’s investment portfolio. How do we do it?

Read on...
  1. We help our client do proper Risk assessment – meaning, we study their risk-taking ability and educate them about it.
  2. We help them select those products which suits their risk-appetite by following the product suitability guidelines set forth by SEBI – the Regulator.
  3. We constantly follow up with the Fund managers to understand the expense ratios, portfolio turnovers, and the fund manager's rationale in doing so.
  4. We stay away from products which are not having quality portfolio – meaning those with higher credit risk, and will not sell such products to our investor clients.
  5. We have built many no-clutter, no-nonsense, easy-to-use financial utilities in the platform to manage your hard-earned money.
  6. We connect the gap in the spectrum through our B2B2C programme - Moneybase Nexus, by adding skilled product specialists as distributor partners and help them use our platform to reach to a larger investor base. Yes, you can talk to a Human and do not have to wait attending to an IVRS!
  7. We are a passionate and motivated team of Finance, Tech and Operations professionals backed by an immensely experienced team of Board of Advisors and a highly skilled group of Nexus Partners who continuously thrive for increasing customer satisfaction and build a long-term relationship.
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What are the benefits of investing through Moneybase?

Moneybase is an online investment platform that aims to provide an efficient and ethical investment service to individuals and small businesses. Our platform will allow investors from all income brackets to invest their savings ethically and efficiently, by becoming an informed-investor.

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How is Moneybase different from other robo-advisors?

Moneybase is an assisted Robo-investment platform – meaning a registered and licensed person will assist you in how to use the platform and guide you in how to select a product from the financial products listed in the platform, based on one’s risk-appetite. There will be a dedicated one-point-contact so that all our investor clients get to talk to a human instead of an IVRS, when in need!

On the services front, we have people dedicated to cater to the specific requirements. We have created an army of Retirement Specialists, NRI Specialists, Shari’ah Specialists, and Specialists servicing focused groups like Doctors and Women Investors.

Moneybase also has a B2B2C model – brand named as Moneybase Nexus where we have partnered with Individual Financial Advisors (IFAs) across the country thereby cross-utilising our strengths.

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Why should I buy the securities/products through Moneybase instead of direct purchase?

While you may be able to buy the funds/products directly, or through your broker, you may not be able to get the proper service and support in a cost-effective and efficient manner. One can open a Free-account with Moneybase and can start investing with as minimum as INR 1000. Moneybase also monitors the portfolio performance and periodically helps rebalance it for no additional cost.

More importantly, one may not be able to open an account anywhere else in the same seamless manner as one does with Moneybase. With Moneybase’s advanced technology, one can open an account online within a few minutes, and get access to different asset classes and can start investing in domestic and global funds.

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What is the minimum investment required to become a client of Moneybase?

Registration with Moneybase is free of cost. However, a minimum investment of INR 1000 is required for one to start investing through Moneybase.

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What are the basic requirements to be eligible for opening an account with Moneybase?

An Indian resident, with the below supporting documents, is eligible to open an account with Moneybase:

  • A Government approved address proof
  • A Government approved age proof (only 18 years and above are eligible)
  • A valid PAN card (PAN card can also be considered as age proof)

One also needs a resident bank account to be able to transfer funds in and out of Moneybase account. Clients have to mandatorily complete the KYC process as stipulated by the SEBI.

For someone signing up from the US or Canada: Current SEBI guidelines permit only physical application process for people residing in US or Canada. And the person should be physically present in India while doing the paper application. Feel free to call us when you are in India the next time. We will help complete the investment process for you.

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Does Moneybase offer accounts for minors?

Yes, Minor account activation is possible with Moneybase provided, the account is represented by a Legal guardian who is above the age of 18 years and is KYC compliant.

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Is my personal information safe with Moneybase?

All your personal information is absolutely safe with us. We implement a variety of advanced data encryption measures to safeguard your data. We will never share your details with any third party without your consent. Your trust is our most important asset. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.

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How do I get more information regarding the privacy policy, security features, Terms & Conditions and Legal Disclaimers?

For detailed Privacy Policy & Security Features, please visit: https://www.moneybase.in/privacy-policy.aspx

For detailed Terms & Conditions pertaining to Customer Agreement for availing Online Investment Services, please check PART B in https://www.moneybase.in/terms-and-condition.aspx

For detailed Terms & Conditions pertaining to access of moneybase.in website for availing its Informational Services, please check PART A in https://www.moneybase.in/terms-and-condition.aspx

For detailed Legal Disclaimers on third-party content and third-party misrepresentation, please visit: https://www.moneybase.in/legal-disclaimer.aspx

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Does Moneybase have any global expansion plans?

Moneybase is primarily a platform for Indian citizens and people residing in India. We currently cater to Indian citizens and Person of Indian Origin (PIO) from across the globe. We are also focused on building vernacular platforms to make it more accessible to the common-man of India.

Yes, once we represent all States in India, we will look at replicating this model across growth markets globally and/or will create a strategic partnership with international players. All our growth plans will be in accordance with the guidelines set by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).