FAQ - Online Investment Platform

General questions
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Is moneybase an online platform only?

moneybase is an online investment platform and offline investment platform, which means, those who prefer paper application based investing, can also do so by calling our customer support. The team will help you in doing all paper works.

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Is KYC mandatory?

The mutual fund industry governing body AMFI and SEBI has made it mandatory for all online investors to be KYC registered regardless of the size of investment one makes. Hence, at moneybase, we necessarily require our Investors to be KYC compliant. Only after completing the KYC process, we can activate the account.

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How to contact you?

Investors can contact us through phone, email or post mail . You can write to us anytime with your queries/complaints. 

Please visit ourContact Page 

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Anything to Worry?

Not at all !

moneybase is a Private Limited Company registered under The Companies Act, 1956 [U67190KL2012PTC030888]. Formed in 2012, promoters of moneybase together has more than 100 man years of work experience. Also, moneybase has a sound business model and excellent financial backing. We will be here to serve all our customers for a long time to come.

However, we would like to re-iterate that all investments made via moneybase, are made entirely in the name of the investor(s) only. These investments will be fully and freely available to the investor(s) at any time should something happen to us. As an investor, you do not need to worry on this account.

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Why moneybase?

moneybase is an online investment platform. We pride ourselves as being the smartest investment facilitator into mutual funds and more. We support both Resident Indians and NRIs

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What can Investors do here?

Using moneybase, one can invest in a variety of mutual fund schemes for medium to long- term financial needs and goals. Our investors can select from a range of plans based on their risk appetite. Also, moneybase is an analytical software that helps investors evaluate the best investment avenue that are available to them. Apart from this, moneybase is also a transactional platform that allows one to link their bank and conduct investments online.

Mutual Fund investments with Aadhaar based eKYC
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What is eKYC?

eKYC is a paperless Aadhaar-based process for fulfilling your KYC requirements to start investing in Mutual Funds. SEBI has recently allowed Aadhaar-based KYC to be used for Mutual Fund investments, for the convenience of investors.

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What if I have applied through one of the KRAs for KYC enrolment?

This facility is only for those who have not initiated KYC enrolment yet. For those who have already initiated and have an acknowledgement and status from the KRAs, this process is not applicable.

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What do I need to get this process initiated?

Your Aadhaar Number, PAN Number and personal details such as Mobile Number and Email-id (which you have used while applying for the Aadhaar).

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What if I don’t have a PAN number?

At present, eKYC process works only for those who have a PAN number. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can call us at 080890 88809 to start your KYC process.

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Where do I go to get eKYC done?

Please visit www.moneybase.in to complete eKYC and account opening.

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What happens after I get eKYC done?

You will be able to purchase units in any of the participating funds at www.moneybase.in. In the background, your name in PAN database is matched against your name from Aadhaar and if any mismatch is found, CAMSKRA (with whom we have partnered for the eKYC services) will approach you for additional documents, if required. This remediation process should be completed within 5 calendar days of your eKYC, failing which you will not be allowed to invest further.

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Can I purchase in any fund immediately after eKYC is done?

Some of the large Mutual Funds have enabled purchase through www.moneybase.in. In those funds you will be able to transact immediately after eKYC. For the others, you may need to wait for a few days before transacting online. For normal paper based KYC accounts, there are no such limitations.

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Can I submit a transaction for any amount after OTP-based eKYC?

SEBI, the regulatory body, has provided guidance to restrict investments to INR 50,000 per annum per Mutual Fund for OTP-based eKYC. However, should you want to invest more than that, you need to present yourself for an In Person Verification. To get your IPV based KYC, you may please call us at 080890 88809.

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Can I make a purchase through online as well as physical paper documents?

Through OTP-based eKYC, you will be able to make investments only through your online Moneybase account by means of electronic payment from your bank account. However, should you want to invest through physical mode as well, you need to submit the document kit with your signature specimen and send it to our Operations team.

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What is the benefit of using bio-metric based eKYC?

Bio-metric based transactions can be allowed for any amount unlike OTP based eKYC. All other terms and conditions will apply as per SAI/KIM. Your KYC will be updated as a normal KYC in KRA database.

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What is the process of doing Bio-metric based eKYC?

Biometric based eKYC is done through a scanning of your thumb impression and after verification, Bio key will be displayed on the screen. Bio key needs to be entered in the column provided, to proceed with the eKYC process.

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Can I do the bio-metric based eKYC from home?

Bio-metric based eKYC facility is available in selected centres of CAMS. Investor has to visit CAMS office to do biometric based eKYC.