A Slice of Tomorrow

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A SEBI-Approved investment. Exclusive opportunities in Co-working, Commercial property, Apartments and Gated communities. Balanced portfolio that offers regular income plus capital appreciation. The real estate of tomorrow will look dramatically different from the property markets of yesteryear.

The PMS Advantage

  Expert management of portfolios

  SEBI-registered portfolio manager

  Every portfolio decision backed by concrete data

  Direct ownership of financial securities

  Superior returns from exclusive assets, available only to institutions

  No hidden charges

About SmartOwner

Ranked by the Financial Times as the fastest growing FinTech firm in South Asia, and among the 100 fastest growing companies in all of Asia-Pacific, SmartOwner is a new age investment management firm which combines the financial acumen of a top P.E. fund, the project expertise of a top developer, and the legal expertise of a top law firm into a common platform, offering opportunities not available in the general market.


Average IRR track record of SmartOwner clients

$1.3 Billion

Total value of projects funded to date

14 Million

Total square feet funded to date

About the Partnership

Moneybase has entered into a distribution partnership with SmartOwner and offers Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Alternate Investment Funds (AIF) product range to our HNI Clients as part of product diversification and asset allocation strategies.

Moneybase earns a distribution income for product placements and the average income for Moneybase works out to 0.80% p.a. for a 5 year term.

Who can Invest?

On Commitment basis: One who has an investible surplus of INR 50 Lakhs or more for PMS and INR 1 Crore or more, for AIF products.

On Risk and Reward basis: A typical PMS or AIF investor will be the;
  One who looking for portfolio diversification
  One who has sufficient exposure in Fixed Income & Mutual Fund products, and
  One who is looking at an income generation opportunity from alternate sources

The Perfect Time to Add Real Estate to Your Portfolio

A perfect combination of macroeconomic trends, government initiatives, and market cycle position has created the ideal set of conditions for substantial capital returns from real estate for those who are able to identify and execute the right opportunities at the right time.

Disclaimer: Moneybase is a distributor of SmartOwner products and earns a commission from the transaction. We have done adequate background verification and research on SmartOwner projects and have monitored project exits closely for more than 6 years. We have found out that even in a worst case scenario, the investments have delivered >12% p.a. returns, in the case of an early project exit. SmartOwner has a risk mitigation team and a legal & compliance team who closely vet a project before signing a business deal. As such Moneybase is convinced with their stringent processes and methodologies, our role is limited to identifying suitable products for our prospective clients. We wish to clarify that we do not undertake any fiduciary role here and recommend our prospective clients and investors to make their own research and undertake a risk assessment for their personal investments. Even though the financial commitments from SmartOwner to the projects are backed by enough and more collaterals, the possibility of a Default risk from the builder/developer’s side cannot be ignored. The investors hereby indemnify Moneybase and its subsidiaries (if any), its Share holders, Directors, Employees and vendors from such an event where SmartOwner or its associates defaults on its commitments.